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About Us

Mr. Fumiyoshi Nagao and Mr. Le Ngoc Quang
               (Founding Member)

 Dear friend: We are happy to meet you through the internet, today.

Model foods author (Fake food) is a relatively new topic in Vietnam and the world. Mohico is the most professional company in Vietnam Namchuyen production and supply domestic and overseas markets of fake food samples.

With a design team of painters, sculptors, skilled artisans, trained by Japanese experts, along with our exclusive dungcong the Japanese manufacturer. Our model can replicate dishes all countries as Vietnam, China, Japan, the West ... The model is a fake food display solutions and unique marketing today. We will help users to show products in a novel style.

Fake food models are used in many different ways, including advertising, movie props, museums ... and any field related to food. At Mohico Our entire staff is committed to: "Each model is manufactured to the customer is a living work of art perfect, we are the best choice." Well, if you want to learn, come join the team of our staff, because, in addition to business we wish to contribute to promoting Vietnam culinary culture to the world and bring our friendship.


Mohico Company Limited.