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Order support

How to order?

The domestic customers ordering please follow the following procedure:

Step 1. Call or send us an email. Phone: 08. 22,373,894, Email: info@mohico.com. Provides pictures, size and specific requirements of your product.

Step 2. Mohico staff can call you directly (if you are far away, can talk on the phone or email) Discussion on product issues. According to the exchange, we provide accurate quotes and delivery dates.

Step 3. Dong.Thanh Signing a 50% deposit payment, providing customers real model for Mohico.

Step 4. Started production. Report production process: image Mohico provide semi-finished products to customers monitor and certify the production process.

Step 5. Repair test customer acceptance and finished products. Confirm before delivery of Mohico.

Step 6. Receive 50% late payment cung.Giao row

Step 7. Starting hanh.Tham security services and monitoring the use of products of regular customers.

Please note

Production models must be based on real dishes provided by our customers. (If the remote client we will buy food in HCMC's just you, we will give you a new quote and must have cost more.) Freight is not included in our quotation I am.

100% of customers put our products each year through the above methods.